$6 Photo Booth

I made what might have been the easiest Photo Booth in the history of photo booths and super cheap to. It cost me a total of $6 (not including yarn and tape). All I needed were 6 streamers, Yarn, and tape. I bought the streamers at the dollar tree! You need to pick three different colors, two main colors and a highlight. My main colors were light pink and white and the highlight color was hot pink. The really great thing about this photo booth is that you can make it as big or as little as you want. Mine was pretty large, it was meant for a large group of young ladies, so I figured they would want to take group shots.  Some instructions down below.
 Instructions: Cut Strips off the streamers about 7ft long, depending on how tall you want it.
                      Cut a long piece of yarn, again as long as you want it wide.
                      Tape the streamer on to the yarn by folding it over and taping it.
                      The pattern I used was two pink, white, two pink, white, hot pink (repeat).

Then I would suggest making a separate strip so that you have two layers. It's the same process, exempt for the back layer I used a different pattern. I just did white, pink, white, pink, hot pink.

The really great thing about this photo booth is that you can use ANY color pattern. You can even add pops of glitter streamers (and such). Its a really fun, simple, and cheap way to add to any party. Definitely saving this for another party. 

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