Moving to Korea

Yes, we are moving to Korea! South Korea, to be exact (don't get it twisted). It looks like sometime this year our family will be packing our things and moving there, for two, maybe three years. I have very mixed emotions about the whole thing. A part of me is ridiculously nervous to be moving to a whole other country. I mean, I was concerned about moving to Alaska! Ha. Jokes on me. The other part of me is really excited. We get a really amazing opportunity to live somewhere different and experience another culture. I have no doubt that it will be amazing. There are just so many factors to consider, but one thing is definitely true, and that is, that God is in control. A part of me laughed when I heard the news (you know, after the crying). I just NEVER imagined we would be leaving everyone we know and moving to the other side of the world. I always remember what our pastor said, about imagining your life a year ago. Did you ever think you would be here? The answer is always a loud resounding NO! Never!

This life is never what I picture it to be. I plan, and try, and try, and I am never where I think I will be in a year. Some people might think thats awful or frustrating, but I'm thankful. I'm thankful that through it all, I know God directs my steps. Even though, It's at times hard, strenuous, and even heartbreaking. He never leaves me, and I see that, even through the heartache. I see it through the broken pieces in the window. I have seen that now, more than ever. I have experienced a deeper fuller love in this trying time in our lives. And as difficult as it will be to live our lives apart from everyone we know and love, I'm excited to see God use us there. I am learning that you can be used at any stage of your life. If you allow it, God will use you... and thats exciting, wherever you are!

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Mayra Romero said...

This does not seem real yet. I have tried telling people to see if it sinks in, but not yet.
I'm going to miss you soo much! I am going to try soak in all the time I can with you. With that said, I will be moving into your room this weekend! please clear a drawer for me, THANKS!
Love you

Anonymous said...

My brother lived in SK for two years. It was supposed to be one year but he loved it so much. I visited him for a week and it was amazing. It's very westernized. He lived in the suburbs of Seoul. It's much more urban than I'm used to (I live in Orange County). And there is a great community of Americans living there too especially near the American base. Good luck!

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