Over the weekend I flew to Virginia! My husband has been doing some training there and we have been counting down the days until I could finally visit him. It was a really bittersweet experience being able to see him. I had a really great time. It was almost like a mini honeymoon! We really missed Jed, but it was nice to spend some alone time together.

The best way to describe Virginia is breathtaking! I mean, something about it is just incredibly charming, even on the day that it was raining. My husband said I should come back in the summer, but I'm pretty sold. I don't think a prettier place exist! I think living in a city make you really appreciate trees. For being a hippie state, LA, doesn't have very many of them.
Tulips! Tulips and daffodils are plentiful here. My two favorite :)

This guy keeps getting better with age!

 They had the cutest shops set up. Good thing I didn't have a lot of room in my baggage. I would have bought everything. We managed to snag some business cards.
 Had the best BBQ in all of Williamsburg! This place was great. The guys approved.

 Sheep, horses, gardens, and flowers! What more could this place have!? I'm sold. When can I move in?

Did I mention the most breathtaking sky? I was just so taken by this charming town. It seemed simple yet beautiful. It was fun but still had something calming about it. It was nice to see people walking by and greeting each other. It was such a sweet change from city living. No one seems to be in hurry. And now that I think of it, I don't remember seeing anyone on their phones (except for us snapping pictures, eek!). I hope to go back, and to take Jed. We kept talking about how much he would like to run around and see the animals.  

Although I miss Virginia, I miss RJ even more. It's always tough to see him and have to say goodbye. I think we're both ready to be together (been ready). It's kind of impossible for us to function apart, so we're getting by. But we are definitely grateful for the time we did get to spend together! Fun was had, by all involved. 

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I want to go!!!!! It looks so beautiful! can't wait to hear all about it! :)

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