A day at the park

We had a really sweet memorial day. We went to the park and watched friends play softball while we played with all the kiddos! Then we went home and took a nap, which is fine by me! Nap time is work time for me, but fun work time, and law and order (score)!

     ^^Theres so many kiddos! I just love it! They're all in the same age group which is so awesome.^^

Jed insisted on watching his uncles bat, but only the first inning. Then he got over it, and would come back and forth every now and then. But this picture kills me!! The one below, too.

And the purple trees! This park is so beautiful. I'm thinking of coming back and doing star shots (yipee)!
It was a really great memorial day, but a reminder of how much I'm missing RJ. Which was a bigger reminder of all the people who have lost family in the military. Maybe its because we're in the military but these holidays have a different meaning to us now. There have been a lot of things going on that just makes me look at the big picture, and opens my eyes to how much people are going through, and suffering. Thank you seems like so little, but thats all I know how to say.

I hope everyone had a memorable memorial day.

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Daisy Guerrero said...

You take GREAT pictures! My hubby's pic is my FAVORITE! hehe.

Dee said...

I'm glad I stumbled across your blog today, I really enjoyed the visit. I loved your pics from Memorial Day and the kids were just toooo cute. We went on a picnic for Memorial Day, but I wish I'd taken a nap afterwards... oh well... :)

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