Baby Essentials {Part Two, Bath & "Big stuff"}

1. Bath letters! I love these. They stick to the bath and the tile wall. It's a good way to learn letters and numbers in the bath.

2. Toy organizer. This thing is great for holding all of the toys in the bath. Trust me, you need one.

3. Towel. I like the hooded ones :)

4. Toothbrush. Start young, seriously.

5. Shampoo & Lotion. I like this brand of Johnson shampoo when I'm giving him a bath before bed.

Big Stuff

1. Stroller. I have the bugaboo which is really great! However, I don't recommend it for someone with a small car. It's kind of a pain to take a part and put away. I imagine this is a great stroller for someone who constantly walks. Not necessarily for someone in LA.

2. Playpen. This is the best playpen!! Super easy to put setup and put away. It lives up to pits name, and worth every penny!

3. Car seat. This carseat is great because you can unzip everything and wash it. It also grows with your kid, an added bonus.

Thats it! Those are the things I would recommend for toddlers. For part 1 go here.

If I left anything out let me know, or just share some of your essentials.

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