DIY Photo Backdrop {floral Photo Booth }

So here it is! Today I am sharing how to make a photo backdrop. This one is specifically a floral backdrop but you can get creative and change it up if you want :)

You will need:
5x6 flat piece of cardboard (You can choose any size, the bigger the more people that can fit). 
a puncher in the shape of a leaf OR you can use the critcut.
Paint for the cardboard (I used white)
Glue gun
A small tool to punch holes. I used a mini screwdriver 
Green twine 
Flowers (I used about a trash bag full).

First thing is to paint your cardboard. You can make it as light as you want. I preferred for it to look a little distressed. Then let it dry.

You need to punch the leaves. This takes forever! Using the Critcut is much easier than punching them out by hand. Once you're done, you can start glueing them. This can be a little tedious but I had a lot of fun. Again, the design can be what you want. You can even spell something out with the leaves. Make sure to leave room at the top for the flowers.

After all of that is finished, you can add the flowers at the top. I added two 6 feet long vines and about 20 flowers. The vines were attached by punching two holes and stringing the green twine through (like below). 

To add the other flowers, I punched holes with the screwdriver and poked the flowers through.

That's pretty much it! What I love the most is that you're free to change things around according to your preference. I will say that it make for some excellent pictures. 

Although, it helps to have cute models!

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Lisa said...

This looks awesome! Definitely worth all the time you put in. And I love all the flower crowns :)

" "