Mothers Day {Gift Guide}

If you're like me, you have no idea what to buy anyone! And the thought of holidays and buying people gifts stresses you out. So I thought I would help with a little mothers Day Gift guide. This one is more specific to moms of young kids. Sorry ladies, can't help you all out. Still trying to figure out what to get my mom. You can never go wrong with flowers! That would be first on my list. More below.

This is my mother day gift guide! A lot of little nick backs, which I just love! Any girly gifts that are small and dainty just do it for me, and whole bag of them would be awesome! As cute as all this stuff is, you can't go wrong with flowers, dinner, or a card. If you're feeling extra awesome, babysitting while she gets a manicure is the best! But in reality mothers day is overrated. I have never really liked the obligation of buying something or anyone feeling like they have to buy me something. And I don't like that it excludes some women, sometimes its a painful reminder. So I try and not limit it to moms, but to any woman who has made an exceptional influence in our lives, and boy there's a lot!

I think the biggest gift you can get a mom is words of encouragement. I think, all we really want to hear is that we're doing a good job and that we're appreciated. This is specially true for moms with little kids, who might not be able to express that. So while gifts are nice, love is even better :)

Happy Mothers Day, Ya'll! Peace!

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