Strawberry Picking

We visited Tanaka farm yesterday! I have been trying to stay jam-packed busy these next two weeks and this was a perfect way to do that. It was a really remarkable Southern California day! I mean, the weather! It was perfect for strawberry picking ;)

^^ Look at that sky!! ^^

They gave us a tour of the whole farm, 30 acres I believe. They shared a little about the history and what they do there. We were able to try different vegetables that they grow there. That part was a lot of fun. You stopped every few minutes and tried a different vegetable. You didn't know what would be next. 

                                           ^^Then you stopped and picked some strawberries! ^^

 You were able to eat them while you picked. Jed figured that out really quickly!

We had such a blast! It was nice to show Jed what a farm is and how food grows. Living in the city, it can be hard to remember that people work really hard on these farms. I couldn't help but be reminded of all the migrant farm workers.

It really was beautiful, just to be outside on such a nice day! This weather is what people move to LA for. I think maybe I just appreciate it a little more because we could be moving.

We hope to go back for the watermelon tours!

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