The past few weeks!

I finally feel somewhat normal! The past few months have been hectic. With the wedding and trying to get all the paperwork together so that we can move to Korea, things have been crazy! The craziness isn't over either. We still don't know exactly how things are going to go down. This military life is not for the faint of heart. This has been the absolute most trying year, and yet I have full confidence that God will continue to sustain us.

I wanted to share a few pictures from the past weeks...
 Nope! Didn't make the walk down the aisle. Grandpa had to go and get him. But he managed to be the cutest person in attendance. When is he not?

 Some photos from the wedding! How cute is RJ?! He just melts my heart. I think Jed is starting to think his dad lives in a phone, and only wears uniforms.
Feeling a little crafty lately. I even went to Joann's and bought a bunch of stuff that I had no use for.

We attended a Hawaiian festival this weekend. It was so beautiful. It really makes me want to go back. I mostly remember being upset that my hair wasn't agreeing with the humidity. Ever seen that episode of friends? Yup! But the festival was a reminder of how beautiful the culture is. We were hoping to get stationed there. Next one ;) 
 Selfies! We watched Pitch Perfect two Saturday night. It takes me back to my show choir days (sad face). I miss singing and dancing, and all the other shenanigans. Also, they need to give Rebel Wilson  and Adam Devine their own movie!! Rebel Wilson, single handedly makes those movies. She is something else. The next Mindy Kaling.

I am really jam packing these next two weeks! They need to go by quickly because otherwise I will go insane! Man, I use a lot of exclamations. Its because I'm so excited! Not really.

Happy Monday, Everyone!

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