Toddler Essentials {Bedroom & Feeding}

I wanted to share with you a few of our "toddler essentials" for these past (almost) two years! Since I had no idea what to get or where to even start! I thought I would help a sister out and share some things I recommend, and just as importantly, things to stay away from!
1. Humidifier! Love this thing. They're pretty cheap at Target and they come in handy. My baby was a summer baby so I decided early on to get a cool mist one (good idea).

2. Overalls. Because they are just way to cute not to get :)

3. Crib Cover. Yes, you need one. This is something you need even early on. It helps not only to not get pee stains but also milk stains.

4. Light Blanket. My son likes to lay down with a blanket no matter how hot it is! So these are perfect.

5. Velcro Shoes. I know, not as cute as lace shoes but super helpful when you're in hurry and trying to get out of the house quickly. I would recommend having at least one pair.

6. Wipes, wipes, wipes. You need them for everything! Butt, hands, clothes, clean the car, and that nasty stuff on their shoes. Yup!


1. Lunch Bag. They come in handy when you're going out the entire day.

2. Divided Plates. Plates with dividers help me to give him a good amount of food, as well as different food groups.

3. Snack Containers. These are pretty handy at home and in the car. Although your toddler might figure it out fairly quickly and spill everywhere.

4. High Chair. I don't have this high chair, but I would recommend getting something similar (all wood or plastic). I would advise against the ones you strap to a chair. They're super messy and it can get really gross under the chair if its not constantly cleaned.

5. Grass Drying Rack. Its just cute!

6. Plastic Bib. These are great! They catch everything.

If you noticed, there's no cup! Which I would think would be the #1 essential! I have yet to find a really great one. I really liked the munchkin straw ones, but I had a really terrible experience with one spilling all over our diaper bag and ruining our iPad on a trip. So ever since that, I have yet to buy another munchkin product.

Most else, we have used on a daily basis. So hope this helps some of you. Let me know what I forgot ;)

Part two!

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