We headed to Disneyland last week! Can I just say that this guy is almost two going on 7! He's so smart and funny, and he has so much character! I mean, the charm. My goodness, the charm! 

Alright, enough mom talk. But I will say that even though it was crowded (when is that place not), it was completely worth it. He loved every minute, every bite of food, and seeing everything. I would totally do it again (on a Tuesday, in November, when It's not allergy season). 
 ^^ This picture will be framed^^
 He recognizes so many characters. That was one of the best parts.

 We went with some family! Even my brother had a good time, oh and thats my niece Sophie, who is turning FOUR! She looks more like a 6 year old.
Ok, as soon as we got up on the ferris wheel, I started thinking about an earthquake happening! I immediately wanted to get off. ha! Has anyone seen San Andreas? Terrifying. 
I think that It's impossible to get three kids (under three) to pose for a picture. 
 I was so excited that we got to see so many characters!

 Maybe It's because I'm old or because we're moving but I have to admit that I enjoy California adventures more than Disneyland!
The balloons! So beautiful! What a great day. The following day, however, was not as forgiving.

We have visited Disneyland before with Jed, but this time it was different. He was old enough to appreciate more and actually know what was going on. This is such a great stage, I'm really loving it!

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