So it looks like we will be moving to NY! I'm almost afraid to say it because things have changed so much. I have so many different thoughts and emotions on it that I wanted to share. The biggest being relief! I feel like the huge impeding doom cloud has lifted. I no longer feel stressed out about wether or not were going to be with RJ, or about being in another country. I just want to dance, like all the time!

The news was really unexpected. He got it sometime on his way home from Virginia, and decided to wait until he saw me at the airport. He asked me if I wanted good news or bad news first, I of course said bad news. To which he replied, you guys are not coming to Korea. I cried, and was a little devastated to say the least. He asked if I wanted the good news but I said no, I just wanted to go home. He laughed and told me that the good news is that we're going to NY. I screamed, which was probably not a good idea at the airport. I immediately felt so relieved.

The more I think about it, the more convicted I am. I felt like God totally came through. He changed a situation that seemed completely hopeless. I had given up, I was prepared for the absolute worst case scenario. But God knew, He knew all along what He was doing, and how things were going to work out. He never left us, He never forgot about us. He was with us the whole time.

People keep saying that winter is going to be brutal and to prepare for that, but I don't care. I am just so excited that we get to go with him. But honestly the thing I am most excited about is God hearing my prayers. When God answers prayers that just seem impossible, you can't help but cry. I felt so  heard, so loved. Yet, so guilty for not believing that all along. Lesson learned! I don't think I could have learned this another way. Things have been really rough these last couple of years, but I know that God has been there. I'm so, so, so thankful! Guys, God is good! Even when we don't see it. This is a small victory, but a big reminder.

See you soon, NY! The Valdivias are coming!

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