Take heart

I can get very quickly overwhelmed by things going on in the world. I can easily feel attacked and defeated, and want to give up. This is such a sweet reminder that I need not feel that way. God has won! That is the outcome. It's like that last day of school, anything can happen because you know at the end of the day, It's over. I think the lines are drawn, the sides are chosen, and I have decided to follow Jesus. Something that is becoming harder to say in this world. I don't ever feel surprised by anything that happens, because if we as a nation can agree that killing children is okay, there is no line, really.

I try to wrap my head around what to say, and how to act, and how not to feel so desperately alone. This world and culture that just perpetually glorifies sin, seems overwhelming. I think today has been a really great wake up, that I have not been deep enough in spiritual things. I have been lulled to sleep by the things of this world, by ridiculous things that are of no eternal importance. I have slowly been giving things up, but today was just what I needed to just be done with it. I am an extremely emotional person, an all or nothing kind of girl. I get emotionally invested in people, and ideas. I really don't know how to remove myself from what is happening around me, that is just not who I am.  Normally I would be crying and sad, and just wanting to go home already, and while I have all of those feelings, I also have new feelings. I feel hopeful!

This is not all there is. The word of God is still true. Jesus Christ is still Lord. That's it! Those are the reminders I needed today. The biggest being that Jesus Christ has won. What better reminder is there than that? Whatever may come, Jesus is God. The battle is won. I just don't know how else to explain it, but it gives me all the hope I need. Seriously, you guys. This world is awful, people suck, life sucks, sucky things happen, Its the world we live in. There really is no way around that. BUT, take heart, He has overcome the world. What a verse! I almost feel like who cares? But, i don't think that's exactly the right attitude. I think the right attitude is, go tell people about Jesus! Tell them about the hope and the inexpressible joy only He can bring, and who cares if they laugh in your face, because this is not all there is. This is not our home, and as much as people say we are wrong and awful, and just plain ignorant, the truth is that every knew shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus is God, and there's no way around that.

Give people the hope we have in Jesus. Love hard, be honest, and be hated. Because I can promise you that the suffering you will go through is not worth comparing with the glory that is to come.

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mayrae said...

Loved reading your post. The truth is, the Lord is coming back soon. One of my favorite songs to sing is "people get ready jesus is coming, soon will be going home" Those who are near us, who are praising what's going on in the world, need Jesus. We must continue to proclaim the gospel.

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