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** The following is guest post from Kallie over at Life through a Lens :)

Hey there! My name is Kallie but, you can call me Kal. I am here from Life Through a Lens, that's my blog. I just want to start off by saying I am not your average blogger. I am actually a teenager. I created my blog to share my experience through High School and soon after I realized I loved this blogging world. I started to share DIY's, recipes and all that jazz. I love the internet. I love that we can connect with fantastic people like, Daisy.

p.s if you want to check out my blog..go right ahead. I promise I don't bite ;)

A couple of weeks ago I headed to California with my fam. We stayed a beach front beach house. It was heavenly. I love love love the beach. :)

Today I am sharing my Beach Essentials! 

Don't think this is like a post about everything I take to the beach because, it certainly isn't that. (I have "Over packer Syndrome" ) I take a lot of products to the beach but, these are just the things I can't love without!

Number 1

A backpack is awesome to have! It is perfect to throw on your bike so you can hop on your cruiser and head to the beach. My backpack is actually from the Philipines but any small backpack would be perfect! 

Number 2

I love taking new books with me to the beach! This book is called Girl Online, written by Zoe Sugg. I love this book mostly because, it is so relatable to my life. Nothing beats reading a good book at the beach. Am I right? Or am I right?

Number 3

I found this gem about 2 years ago and my life has been forever changed since. It's called a Wet Brush and it is simply amazing. It is made for wet hair, so when you brush it, it doesn't pull out all of your hair. This baby glides through your hair so nicely, I love it. 

Number 4

A classic pair of sunnies. I love these sunglasses. This particular pair is from Target! You can't tan in the sun if your eyes are being blinded. Ha! 

Number 5

A hat for me, is a definite essential. My crazy get's insane at the beach, all sandy and gross. I love throwing on a cute hat to cover the mess on my head. Ha! I usually throw the hat on and do a side braid or just leave my hair down. 

I hope this post helps! 

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Yay for new friends! Thanks again Daisy for having me crash your blog!


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