We visited Clayton for our birthday weekend. Because when you have a birthday two days after your toddler you do birthday weekends together. Also, I think he thinks everyone celebrates their birthday within the span of two days. Ha. Ah, still can't believe he's two!

So Clayton was beautiful to say the least. It was a really small town, very close to Canada. I mean close enough that we had to turn off our phones to not get overseas charges. It was surrounded by water, a river town! We walked around for a little bit and then sat by the water (more like stood near Jed and hoped he wouldn't jump off the pier). I never realized how many restrictions LA had. I mean here you have to try really hard not to get hurt. LA didn't prepare me for this. Haha.
This restaurant was really cute. They wrote on the sidewalk with some  chalk. Very charming!

 They had a cheese shop with a plethora of cheese. Should have thought to get farmers cheese (queso fresco) because they song have it at the grocery store. They don't have any mexican stuff. How will I get Tamales for Christmas!!?

 Had to snap a picture of these before someone sat down.. because that would be awkward!

                                                          ^^Even the building were cool!^^
This guy stops to smell every flower. Such a romantic.
It was such a great birthday weekend. I definitely felt the love all the way from California. I t was nice spending some time with just the three of us. These boys just kill me, I'm so grateful for every moment I get with them. They are something else.

Now, if only I could sleep past 6am.

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Mayra Romero said...

aww Clayton look so cute! Looks like you guys had a good time! glad you had a fun birthday! the month is not over though! you have a few more days! :)

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