Happy Birthday, Jed {2}

My sweet, handsome, loving son turns two today. To be completely honest, a part of me felt like the time dragged, and a bigger part of me can't believe we're here. I know every mom feels like they have the best kids in the world but I really do. He is such a sweet and loving boy, a real gentleman. He helps me clean and take out the trash. He only throws tantrums when they're really necessary (ha!!), he listens after he's been warned (twice). He gives daily hugs and kisses and on occasion hugs if he thinks you need them (those are the best). He pretends to laugh at things that other people think are funny ( he tries to fit in guys). He repeats everything you say. Since we've been going on daily walks he will now take my hand when a car is coming and say, dangerous. Because I tell him that crossing the street is dangerous. He reminds me that I need to pick up the mail and that the ice cream man is coming. Although he won't ask for ice cream, he just wants to let me know. He also doesn't fight me when it's time to go home from the park. This is huge for a two year old, guys. He's so mature for his age. Just yesterday after I told him that it was his "last slide", he immediately started walking towards home after he got down. He said "see ya" to the kids at the park and told me "cmon on mom, time to go home". Right?! He's too much.

He's got killer dance moves and a really strange appetite for things like olives and ginger. He loves dinosaurs, trains, and fire trucks. He also loves hiding behind trash and saying where's Jed? He says shoo fly, even though it's not a fly and he loves throwing rocks down the sewer (boys!). He's just an all around fun guy to be around. I love him more everyday.  The more I know him, the more I miss Ben. I think they would have been a lot alike. I'm just so grateful for Jed. Through the struggle of it all, God gave us a really great kid to make it all that much more bearable. I'm a little sad he's turning two but mostly excited to see what crazy new thing he likes or does tomorrow!  

Happy Birthday, Jedi! I have never known a sweeter boy. 

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Mayra Romero said...

I don't like this picture! he looks like a big boy! so handsome!! I actually love it but it makes me sad!
you make the best kids! He truly is the sweetest boy I have ever met, he definitely has my heart :)
Happy Birthday Jed! RyRy loves you and misses you so much! ( because for some weird reason he wants to call me RyRy haha)

Daisy Guerrero said...

We love Jed.
Incredible gift from God to you and all of us.
We miss you. Happy birthday again!

zerry ht said...

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