Our Cross country Road Trip

We moved! Yes, we are now official New Yorkers. Yikes! We have been here a week and so far we are really enjoying it. We are just so incredibly thankful to be together and in our own home. We are kind of giddy. This place is beautiful. There are deer and wild turkeys, and something that looks like a cross between a gofer and a beaver. Today we saw a baby deer, I mean it must have been a couple of days old. I nearly died of cuteness overload. A baby dear guys! Cant get over it. So yeah, this place is kind of cool. But I wanted to share our road trip adventure now that we finally have internet.

First stop Las Vegas! I normally don't like this place. Too crowded, and kind of a percy city, but beautiful at night. I love seeing all the lights. We went on the Eiffel tower which was a really great view.
Utah was beautiful! I wish we would have stopped. It definitely went on my list of places to visit.

That big Wyoming sky was unreal. It looked like it went on forever. I mean look at that picture!

We visited South Dakota and stopped at crazy horse! That was cool to see. For $125 we could have walked on his arm. Ha! 

Out of all our stops, I think this thing we saw at a gas station was probably Jeds favorite. He asked me to take that picture, which just makes me laugh thinking about.

Mount Rushmore! This was probably the coolest stop. I mean, it's mount Rushmore how can it not be. Its just amazing to see.
This picture is funny to think about
He wanted to drive the entire trip. He thinks its the coolest thing, after trains of course!

We stopped for fruit in Wisconsin after Minnesota. It had some of the most beautiful house we have seen.
This was probably my second favorite stop in Millennial park in Chicago. It was really cool to see the Bean, but also to see that entire city. We wanted to do Willis tower but it was a 2hr wait. I definitely want to go back there, soon. I would live there if it wasn't for, you know, all the shootings.

This is one of my favorites. I took an instant camera with me on our trip to document. Jed loves pretending to take pictures. He has even managed to take some of his own with our camera. Amazing the things they learn! He's so smart.

 The entire trip was a lot of fun! We ate good food, visited fun places, and made some great memories. I'm so grateful for the ladies who took the time to drive with us, that is something that I will forever cherish in my heart. God picked the right people to help us. We are just so grateful! We weren't sure how we were going to manage moving to a new place on our own, but our friends and family really came through. I'm so thankful for my mom and brother who went above and beyond. We have some pretty special people in our lives, that are very selfless, and I'm excited to share that with Jed, even if we don't live near them. I think that this is going to be an exciting journey for our family.

Thank you for all the prayers and support! Love you guys!  

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Finally!!! I've been waiting for a post! Thank you for sharing! Wish I could of done that road trip with you!

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