The not so wonderful

Don't get me wrong, I still love it here, but there are some not so great parts about it. The not so wonderful of this new place, is as follows...

The humidity! Yikes! My hair is insanely frizzy most days. When I straighten it, after a few hours it starts to curl at the top. This is the same reason Hawaii was not so fun for me. Ever seen that episode of friends? Yup! Although Its bearable for me here.

The bugs!! SERIOUSLY!! The BUGS. It's almost comical how many there are. The other day I was walking with Jed and one flew in my eye. They just follow you! I must look like a crazy person to the cars driving by, because I am swatting and shaking my head like crazy. It's just that the buzzing noise drives me crazy. I was sure they had built a nest in my humongous hair.

Everything looks EXACTLY the same. Everytime I have gone out, I have gotten lost. It's just tree after tree. I do love trees but c'mon, put up some picture markers or something. It's been really hard trying to remember the place. I'm sure I will get it, it will just take some time.

Everything is far. I guess in the country (or whatever this is), everything is a good driving distance away. I walked to the library the other day, 5 miles!!! Not 5 fun miles! 5 miles of tree after tree, after, well tree.

Deer. I love seeing deer in the yard, but what I don't love is seeing them as roadkill and possibly running over them. Something I never had to worry about in LA. Today I almost ran over a platypus? Not sure what it was, but it was really funny looking! Instead of going forward, the stupid thing started walking backwards, slowly. I have never seen an animal do that. It was hilarious.

Other than those things and not having any friends yet (sad face), I love it here. It will take some adjusting. Oh and having one vehicle is killing me, but Wayward Pines is helping. That show?! My homeboy M Night does it again. I think that guy is a genius. Anyone else watching that? Erick?

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Erick Hidalgo said...

LOL! I love the reference to me! :-D Appreciate the shout-out...

No, I haven't seen it, but I'll be sure to check it out just so I can relate to what you're talking about. I'm sure Cindy would like it. She enjoys that guy's work.

Sorry, the grass isn't greener. Know that we pray for you guys, and I'm sure you posted this just so the rest of us back in Cali don't feel like you've found your euphoria without us. (Thank you)

But I'm sure you're enjoying your time there as a family. :-D

Erick Hidalgo said...


You've got to post a picture of the hair! I mean, c'mon! We won't to see you in all of your "monica-esque-glory"!


Marjorie said...

You are hilarious Daisy Girl. Now you're on MY coast, so I can be of help in adjusting. The hair thing, yeah. Wait till winter. The frizzes go away, and then you have WIND! LOL.

And, trees my girl, ARE picture makers. Believe it or not you will someday start seeing that all trees are not alike--just like people. : And all that GREEN gives you real air you can breathe instead of that smog stuff, and a landscape people literally would die for.

Adjusting back here after SOCAL was a little difficult, but I had the good fortune of having Rockford, IL in between, so this was a respite in many ways.

Not sure where in NY you are yet, but I will keep reading for clues.

Love you Daisy Girl.

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