The town fair

We visited the town fair over the weekend. It was sort of a love hate relationships. On the one hand I love some things about it, but overall, I mostly hated it (not really).

When the website says they open at 9am, they really mean 1pm? At 9 am is when all the livestock competitions start, which is fine because thats what we wanted to see. That was really the best part! Also, when they say military is free they mean they will give you a hard time about it. Ha. We got there early (on time) and no one was there to charge us. So we waited until someone showed up at the ticket booth. She was upset that we went in early (on time) and she said there was nothing she could do since we were already in. Then she tried to sell us a bracelet for the rides. You know, the ones that weren't open until 1. They were $27! Per person!!! They don't even have 27 rides. They had maybe, maybe, 7.

Other than that strange experience we really enjoyed it. We were able to see some animal competitions. It's amazing what different lifestyles people lead. Some people devote their entire lives on raising these animals and competing with them. I find it very remarkable that someone can dedicate so much to that type of lifestyle. There is definitely something very charming about that life. I could easily see myself living that way.  We saw equestrian competitions which were really impressive. There was, what looked like a 7 year old girl competing against adults! We also saw the cows compete. They were beautiful! They get brushed, and hair sprayed, and even get their butts wiped with a wipe after they poop.

That experience was something we were never able to see in LA. They are a lot more strict on how close you can get to the animals. Here you are able to kiss them if you want. Jed was pretty excited about that. It makes me look forward to the Syracuse fair. I hear that one is really great.

The food was alright, although, to be fair, not much was open. Our choices were really slim. Although, what was amazing was this funnel cake, like, thing. They called it fried dough, with maple butter. That stuff was... amazing!

It was no LA county fair. It was different, it had more of a small town feel, and I really enjoyed that, we all did. Maybe next year ill enter my own cow. Ha!

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