Week 1 in NY

We have been here just a little over a week and so far we are loving it. I mean fawn, and wild turkeys! Whats not to love? Ha! They also have a lot of farmers markets, antiques, yard sales, and fruit picking up here (all of which I love).  It just seems like our kind of place. I guess we will wait to make any absolute statements until after the winter.

Our first week here was a lot of wows. I mean, Its so different from LA. Clean air, and trees. You guys, trees for days! Water, water everywhere! It's just beautiful. Ive only ever lived in LA so the country has always been really captivating to me. I think we both forgot about that for a while, and then the other day while we were driving we just kind of looked at each other and said we could do this. We could see ourselves building a life here, then again, I seem to say that about every place I go to. I'm starting to think It's RJ. Haha.

So here are some of our highlights!
 Food! Theres food here! Chipotle (check), good burgers (check), Sushi (check). All is good.

 We visited the farmers market last week. All kinds of food and plants. Theres even a wood guy! I'm considering asking him if I can be his apprentice. I bought two things from him already.

 Castles and water. There are all kinds of really cool castles up here that we can visit. You know, if you like that nerdy stuff. Theres also water everywhere. We're 30 min from Canada. I saw the bridge on the way to the castle. So yeah, we live 30 min from a castle.
 I know I look like a complete idiot, but I stop every time I see a deer. It's just amazing that they're walking around in our neighborhood.

Oh yeah, the reason we left everything and moved across the country. I had forgotten how much fun this guy is. I miss everyone so much, but I am just over the moon to finally be in our own home. We have those moments where we just laugh and look at each other and can't believe this is our life. We still feel like crazy teenagers who are in love. Who let us have a baby and a house?! We are killing this parenting thing (and by that, I mean we have no idea what we're doing), but we're having fun doing it.

I don't know, I tend to over romanticise everything when it comes to RJ, but this place is really great. Life is really great. I'm grateful that we're together again. I know that circumstances will change and there will be times when things are tougher, but right now, It's good. Feeling like newlyweds, missing furniture and all :)

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Mayra Romero said...

This made me really happy! I miss you like crazy but reading how happy yall are makes me feel better. you deserve all the happiness in the world! You guys deserve more than anyone else I know. Kisses and Hugs to Valdivia Family! California misses you!

Bino said...

This made me really happy! I miss you like crazy but reading..
Oh. That's Mayra's comment.
Seems like I would love it there.
I'm super glad Sandra got to go and see first hand the new lands!!
Above all, we are both overjoyed to know you are together and enjoying God's choice for you.
I miss RJ on the worship music team.
Maybe we will see you in August??
If not, praying for November or December.

Enjoy the bounty set before you.

Uncle Bino.

Give JED a kiss for me.

" "