I wasn't sure what the best picture for this would be, but I decided on one that showcased friendship. So that I can share that I don't have any. No friends, none, zero. Seriously, I have been here a month and still have not managed to go out with one person. I didn't think about how tough it would be to make friends here. When I strike up a conversation with someone they say they've been here years and still don't know anyone. At first I thought maybe those people were weird but it seems pretty common.

Jed and I manage to go out everyday and there is no one at the park, it's seriously bizarre. Our church has some people our age but most people seem to be older. I'm still not sure where it is that God is taking us and what He's doing, but it almost makes me laugh. I went from having a lot of friends, to not knowing anyone. It has definitely taken me out of my comfort zone. I am the kind of person who doesn't like going to the grocery store alone, so this is different. I guess now would be the time to really reflect on things and to dive into the bible.

It will take some adjusting and some serious work, but I think this will be a growing experience. I am seriously considering throwing a party for all the lonely ladies out there. Right?! How fun would that be? A lonely ladies party. I can even play lonely girl and have ice cream. It's going to be so much fun. Is it getting weird in here? I better go...

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this seemed appropriate :)
we miss you Daisy... Jed... brother RJ!

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