Lately we have....

Been super busy! Here is some of our past week...

 Hes so much fun. I just love this age!
 Those were our boxes. All gone now, thank God! Oh and there was this huge fly on our window. They are giant here!

All of our things arrived. You don't realize how much stuff you have until you move. We have already gotten rid of so much. We set out some boxes on the curb. Don't you just hate it when people look at your junk and don't take it? But we managed to get rid of a lot of things. We are almost there with the unpacking. I haven't been blogging because that has taken up most of our time (Mayra!). I can't think until everything is in the place its suppose to be. I fear for Jed, he might be severely OCD with us as parents.

Jed seems like such a kid now. He had us rolling the other day. We just love it when he speaks properly. We're not sure where he learned it. He asked RJ if he was okay after he went down the slide. He also says God bless you after you sneeze. Oh, and he says "no thank you, I fine, mommy" when you tell him to eat (like he has a choice).  Its so cute! The funny part is he doesn't know he's cute.  If he would only cooperate with the potty training he'd be the perfect child. That kid refuses to sit on the potty.

We have been enjoying our new church. We are managing to get plugged in and are even starting to serve in some areas. It's a young church but It's really awesome to see God working big time there. They remind us so much of our old church! It's insane. They're even in the process of searching for a pastor. They still seem really young in terms of theology. I attended the women's bible study and they had all these questions. They have such a passion for the bible, I love it.

We finally have some friends, although haven't really managed to go out. Everyone seems to be in the same, one car, position. So we can't really go to each others houses. Although RJ said he was getting a bike next summer, to bike to work. So watch out! Next year, I will be going places!

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