What I miss about city living

There are a few things that I miss about city living. Although its all rainbows and sunshine up here, theres a real convenience that comes with living in a big city. I was reminded of that over the weekend. I mean, the convenience of running to Target for diapers, or the corner store for milk. You can't really do that out here. While the pros outweigh the cons, there are days where I wish I could get sushi delivered (sigh).

^^Although nothing beats a star lite sky, a backdrop like that comes pretty close^^
Having everything close together has to be number one! Out here you have to drive 20 miles to the nearest store. You can't really walk anywhere, so it can be kind of tough getting around sometimes. We definitely have to plan every family outing, and by outing I mean a trip to the grocery store turns into a family trip. 
The food. THE FOOD! I miss the sushi restaurants, indian food, and the convenience of eating whatever you can think of in a matter of minutes. Although, we have wild turkeys, so theres that. 

The fun activities. I don't think its possible to be bored in LA. There is always something to do. I mean you could go to the beach and the mountains in the same day. How could you ever be bored?

What I obviously miss most of all is our family, but these simple things that you take for granted as a "city kid" are starting to be missed too. I still very much love it here. We are definitely getting a lot of family time, and seem to be doing EVERYTHING as a family. We need to get some board games before winter, and we will be all set. Cant seem to find a single one, which is sad, because I owned like 10 (grrr).

So for now I will enjoy chasing turkeys and watching deer graze, and hope that the next place we live is just as fun, with maybe a Target within walking distance.

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Bino said...

Sandra and I had a blast, and exploring Cinci with you and RJ and Jed was so cool!
People say "The grass is always greener...." . Yes, there are pros and cons. Hehe, now that I think of it, I don't remember seeing ONE dry or dead plant during the entire time we were there. I was amazed that it was so green even in the SUMMER. And we experienced almost no traffic GRIDLOCK the entire time. NICE!
We love to travel, but it was good to come back home.
God is still teaching us things, and stretching our faith in Him.
We are frequently praying for you guys.
You may not have many local friends YET, but the love of Christ and the love of your church FAMILY follows you.....and always surrounds you.
You are good parents no matter where God plants you. I know JED feels that love, and we pray that JED will know and share the love of Christ PERSONALLY, some day :-)

Bless you and your NY family!!

Thanks for hanging with yer ol' aunt and uncle.

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