A NY Beach

We visited the beach yesterday, or what NY calls a beach! My california-girl-snobby-self wants to say that was not a beach. But it actually wasn't all that bad. I liked that it wasn't salt water, that there were trees, which means shade!! Also, there was a playground which was fun for Jed :) It's been rough few days so it was nice getting out and just relaxing. There was absolutely no one there which was the cherry on top. The only thing that would have made this day better is a stop by the fruit stand (cough, cough). 

 We might have had more fun than Jed on the swings. RJ was so excited that they were long chains.

 These two will go in any water, anywhere, no matter the weather. AND throw rocks for hours :)
                         ^^^We found a fish and it was just the best thing ever for Jed.^^^

 ^^^Not sure if you can make out the tiny tadpoles. Ummm, yeah. Thats why I wouldn't put anything but my feet in.

 The tiniest, cutest, shells.
 This guy! He has been driving me crazy with the amount of energy he seems to have, and never run out of. Also the amount of whining and tantrums (good grief)! I chant to myself to stay strong and that it will get better if I don't give in. So stay strong mommas, you're not alone. We're all crying in a corner together. So this day at the beach was a nice break. Also, just love having RJ with me to fight the good fight.

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