Alexandria Bay, NY

Alexandria Bay, part of the Thousand Island area! This place is so beautiful. On Tuesday we decided to pack up and go. It is about 10 min from Cananda and 20 min from where we live. Yes, we live 30 mini from Canada!!!! So where we live is breathtaking just about anywhere you turn. Alexandria Bay is surrounded by beautiful water and its main attractions are two castles. You can also do other things there like fishing and scuba diving. We just walked around and took lots of pictures.
The weather was just too much. I mean, c'mon!!! ^^^ Right? The weather was perfect.

Jed took this picture^^^ He's turning into quite photographer :) I love it!

That shirt! Vilma said I should buy it for RJ, I didn't argue. Ha! 

This place wasn't open :/ I'm pretty sure they close after summer. Hopefully they will open Saturdays!

She had to touch the water. She said she would have jumped in! That means it must feel great.

All in all it was a really great day! I can really get use to living here. This place is just so beautiful. I love the slow paced life and the easy going of it all.

But maybe I'll change my mind come February!    

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