Country Livin'

Yes we are country liven' in NY! When we first heard we were going to NY we automatically thought we were going to NYC but ended up further north in what is known as the country. This is really different from LA. Everything is slow paced here, even the driving. Ha! We have to watch out for deer and turkeys on the road. Their stop lights are weird. The weather is ca-razy! And we haven't even been through winter. But what I really enjoy is the lifestyle! I enjoy the farms, the animals, the fruit stands on the side of the road. It's all been such a blast!
Farms, farms, and more farms (hooray)! 
Fruit stands for days :)

Now that fall is here we can do all the annoying pinterest stuff like pick apples and get pumpkins. You know, fall stuff.

I am really thankful for this season of life. For making new friends and family. We have been learning just how awesome it is to be a part of a body of believers who share the same faith as you. I really pray that if nothing else we continue to learn that there are believers all over the world working for the same purpose. Sometimes you can feel alone in your church thinking there are not other bible believing Christians out there. It's encouraging! And what a group of people God has given us to show that. We are just falling in love with them, and with this town :)

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