Fall Essentials

I was inspired by Parachute to share some cozy fall essentials. Some of them are cozy and some of them are just fall must. I am really excited for Fall this year! Specially since moving to NY, we will  be able to see the leaves change. Something that we didn't really see in LA! Pictured below are a few of the things I am looking forward to this year.
Shoes! Booties, boots, clogs to name a few, are my favorite fall shoes. I already started wearing them over the weekend.

Hot Chocolate :) One of my favorite things. Pumkin flavored marshmallows to go along (holla!). 

Pumpkins!! I think pumpkins are my favorite. They are so cute and so colorful. I really enjoy all the pumpkin patches and apple picking. Really all the activities associated with fall are a ton of fun.

Fall weather (obviously). But am I the only one that can smell fall? I just enjoy the crisp air and smell that goes with it. I could spend all day outside! I especially enjoy picnics during the fall. This is the perfect blanket to bring along. 

My bed! I really enjoy our bed during the cold months when the weather starts to turn. I like changing the bedding to the cold weather sheets and blankets. It makes me want to stay in bed forever and watch movies. Here are some absolute perfect sets. Really anything from Parachute is perfect for fall! 

I am so excited that fall is here! I can't wait to pop in Hocus Pocus and buy some pumpkins. The leaves are even starting to turn. Eeeek! 

What are some of your fall essentials? 

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Rochelle Z said...

Definitely the boots and booties. Anything that is maroon, burgundy, rust, brown, yellow or orange!

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