Farmer's Market

There are so many farmers markets here! Which I guess can be completely expected in the country. That is one of the things I have really enjoyed about this place. The food is really fresh here, I enjoy supporting local farmers. Not to mention you can get the best cheesecake brownie here!!! We went into downtown this week and just decided to walk around, because that is what you do here for fun.
The carrots were something else!^^^ This picture doesn't do them justice.
The library here is really cool. We like the lions that great you in the front.
I let jed pick a pumpkin, he ended up dropping one so thats  what he had to take home. He thinks It's a ball (sigh).
They had the cutest little onions, or are they shallots? Not sure.

This was the one he dropped. So we picked it and sent Dad a picture. Speaking of, I really miss him. You would think at this point in our marriage I would be use to functioning without him, but I'm not. It still stinks. It feels like a part of me is missing. It's this weird, aching, uncomfortable feeling. i hate it. Ive been super emotional this past week, and I keep asking myself how I will handle a deployment. A part of me feels like I can't and I keep praying that it doesn't happen. Its just so honestly hard to be a part from RJ. We have been together since I was 14!! That is almost half my life.It really is hard for us to function a part. The only comfort I take is knowing he's miserable too. Ha. Just kidding!

Hoping these last few weeks go by quickly!

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