New York State Fair

We took a mini road trip to the state fair on Friday! We had so much fun, even though it was southern California hot! I'm sharing a few pictures of our day below. 
 We forgot the sunscreen, so yeah. We would try and find shade wherever we could. ha.
^^This was cool! ^^
 You are here. hahaha. Here is where you are. Except it doesn't tell you where on the map!

 ^^^^ That is Jeds first picture, that he took all on his own with my phone!!! ^^ This is the one I made him take afterwards.

 ^^^Ummm, he can't read yet, or tell that things are upside down. That right there is $.50 milk. I think it was our favorite part.

 The food was really good. We had dinosaur BBQ! Which we have heard good things about.

I'm not sure he knew this was not a real horse. But this one is!!

 That thing on the lest is actually a rabbit!! Looked more like a cat.

He pretty much looked at all the rides like that. Too bad he couldn't get on any of them :/

We stopped by a fruit stand on the way home! We had a really great time, despite forgetting the sunscreen. I think we agreed that we liked it more than the LA fair. Mostly because everything was about half the price. ha.

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Spinning Straw Into Gold said...

Daisy dear,

Welcome to the East Coast--or you're not actually coastal now--but really, what is going to really be the joy is seeing how the seasons roll out. California seems to have had the same heat wave we have lately, so I don't think you would have escaped it in San Diego.

I'm glad you are getting to explore New York. Certainly the State Fair is a great way to see much of the bounty the state has to offer.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on winter. :) I personally like having four seasons--but I like them to all have their beginnings and ends, not run into each other, as I am ranting in this month's post at

I love your blog. Keep letting us know how you are doing. Your family is beautiful, and so are you.

Love, Marjorie

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