Apple Picking

We went Apple Picking on Monday. A family at church has an apple orchard and they so generously invited the entire church to come and pick some apples. It was so much fun!! We had a BBQ afterwards. They also played volleyball, corn hole, had a trampoline (which Jed loved), and rode kids on a tractor. It was the full country experience. I have to say, I loved it!! It was so much fun. I could see us living this kind of life.
They had a lot of different varities of apples and Jed just had to try them all. 

^^Natalia! This is Jeds new BFF. We love that they live a few houses down from us :) 

^^This was my favorite. It was really red, almost purple, and white like snow on the inside.^^ 

The wasp or bees that were after the apples were insane! The bugs here are something else. I think the term is not afraid. Which makes me more afraid! Ha

Look at that face! He loved it. He just enjoys being outside and doing all of these things. I enjoy watching him have fun. It's funny how your priorities change so much as a parent. I'm thinking we should get a trampoline in the summer. It seems to be what these country people do, that and slackline's.

I am really enjoying experiencing this slower pace, outdoor lifestyle. We were promised snowmobile riding in the winter so we're looking forward to that :) We are just embracing this whole new life and taking the good with the bad. Although, I still much rather have my husband home. It does seem like we grow closer each time he leaves.

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Mayra Romero said...

I've always wanted to go to an Apple orchard! you can make some apple pie!! YUMMY! You keep saying you can picture yourself living there, but I think you are forgetting that you DO live there lo1

Doodle said...

Like Mayra said, you DO live there silly. And it's so nice to see that Jed is getting to experience so many "country" things.

Hopefully, though you live there, this (So Cal) is still "home".

Miss you all so much, yet so glad I get to read through your adventures this way. Keep it up girl!

" "