Faithbox Review

Faithbox sent me a box to review for the month of October. I finally managed to get around to reading the book and finishing everything up. So today I am sharing with you some of my thoughts on it.

To start with I will share a little about faith box. They are a monthly Christian subscription box. You pay each month and they curate some things and send them to you. They have three plans. Month to month is $20 a month. 3 month plan is $19 a month. 1 year plan is $17 a month. The really awesome thing about faith box is that each box provides 3 meals to a child at a christian orphanage.

The things included in this months box are: A candle, chocolate bar, lip balm, and two books.

Candle. The candle might have been my favorite thing. I have no idea what the brand is, since it just says faith box on it or what the scent is, but it smells AMAZING! They should sell these. Go into the candle making business. Seriously.

Lip Balm. The Lip balm is a close second. It is all natural, 3 ingredient lip balm. It's made from beeswax, cocoa butter, and coconut oil. I think I'm going to get another one when this one is done.

Kutoa Bar. This was surprisingly really good. i don't normally like health or all natural bars, but this was pretty good. AND Jed thought so too, which is always nice.

Every Day Devotional. This was a devotional for the month of October. I really enjoy devotionals because it helps keep me on track. This one was pretty good.

It's not what you think, book. The book was probably my least favorite thing in the box. It is written by Jefferson Bethke who I am not familiar with. To be honest, the book was a little confusing. I felt like he didn't make his point clear. I am still not positive what he meant. He mentions how he thinks heaven is on earth and not some "far away"place. I am not sure if he meant that literally or figuratively. If it is the former than he is wrong, because there is in fact a heaven. The point being that he didn't really make that clear in his book (at least I didn't understand it). The other point being that he didn't use much scripture, which I really didn't like. I have so much more to say and as much as I want to psychoanalyze this guy, I really don't know that much about him. I will say that in terms of books, this is probably one I wouldn't read again or recommend to someone. I personally enjoy reading from Tozer, John MacArthur, John Piper, and such (so you can get an idea of what I like).

In conclusion (because we're in second grade) for the most part I liked the box. I do question how they do their screening process as far as reading material. I'm not so sure that they are really sending theologically sound books (I think I saw a Joyce Meyer book a few months back). Everything else I loved. I love that they give back and use companies that do the same. I would definitely try it out again. I just enjoy getting things in the mail, so It's like a gift each month! If you want to give them a them a try or find out more information visit their website.

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