Is that spelled correctly? Wanted to share some of the crazy things Jed has been saying lately, well because naturally as his mom I think he's adorable. Also, aunt Mayra keeps harassing me about blogging more. She did however make a really good point of writing these down so i can remember them. Good idea! So here it is.

Jed is like a really sassy, smart child. I think he kind of encompasses my and RJs personality, really well. He's a little OCD. He really enjoys cleaning. The other day he took some wipes out and just decided he was going to wipe down all the furniture because apparently it was dirty. He then exclaimed, "I done with my cleaning. Oh wait, that's dirty." Then proceeded to wipe down some more things. He has this weird need to clean, well except when I actually tell him to.

He also hates wearing bandaids. His favorite show is still Mickey Mouse. Favorite food depends on his mood. It's this fun little guessing game we play. I make him something and then he tells me if he likes it that day. Except milk, he never turns down milk.

In the morning when I get him out of his crib if my hair is curly and kind of crazy, he says: "Mom, your hair. Brush it." Right? Honesty at It's finest.

If I ask him what he wants to eat in the morning, he says: "something delicious". Don't we all.

Last night he cracked some eggs on the floor and was pretty pleased with himself. He said: "they went crack!" RJ pointed out how technically we've never told him not to throw eggs on the floor. But he knew! When he's in trouble he anticipates me asking and says: "Why'd you do that?"

It's not enough for him to know that God made everything. He wants to tell me each thing that God made. He says the name of every person and animal, and tree, and grass. It's very cute.

When I take him to a public bathroom with me he ALWAYS says: "Mom, you poop? Yuck! Stinky! Fuchilaaaa! Yucky, mom!" Even if I'm just peeing. To which I feel the need to loudly say: "No, mom is not pooping! I'm just going potty." He did it at church once and I just waited until everyone left and prayed that they thought it was somebody else's child.

He's a character! Most of the time I love it, sometimes it drives me crazy. He's so smart and he picks up on everything. Right now we're trying to learn the rest of our dinosaur names. He picks things up so quickly, it is both amazing and scary. It requires me to really be accountable and make the most of our time together. To take every opportunity to teach him. It can be overwhelming at times. My favorite thing to do with him is to take walks. He is so calm and he talks so much! I love it. A lot of the time motherhood can be really hard and overwhelming, and it can feel like you're drowning 80% of the time. But the other 20% of the time, when you're not washing him down because he just pulled poop out of his diaper, It's really rewarding. I love it! I don't always remember that, but I do. You are raising a human! You are raising a friend, a possible husband, and father. That's a big responsibility.  We need the grace of God, because we are bound to mess this up. Thats all any of us can really do. We try our very best, pray, and allow God to work in them. That is always my biggest prayer for any of our kids, that they wholeheartedly follow Jesus Christ.

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Mayra Romero said...

YAY!!! this makes me so happy!!! JED is the cutest!!! I love him and I love you! you are such a great mommy!
I really laughed out loud! I love that he asks you if you pooped in public! that is awesome! LOL
i miss you guys! You should continue to post about Jed, i am telling you he will grow up and enjoy reading this.

Yadi said...

My Jedi Boy, geese how much I miss this kid. I'm happy to read all these things! God bless you all, I continue to pray for you as the mom, I know thathat it's not easy but you have been able to do it regardless of everything your family has gone through. Love you all!

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