Old Mcdonald's Farm

I finally got a chance to sit and write a post about my in-laws visiting. While they were here we managed to see a lot of different things. We even made a trip down to Niagara falls. Today I wanted to share our day at the farm. Farms have been one of the very best things about the north country! Everyone here seems to have one. We visited Old Mcdonald's farm out by Sackets Harbor, and I have to say it was pretty amazing. We don't really grow up with farm animals in the city and even if you can see them, you can't get that close. It was amazing how close you were able to get here. You would never be able to do that in LA. We had a really great time! Jed loved every minute of it. I think the goats were his favorite.

 He was able to feed them, which was awesome. I would actually not mind having a goat, they seem useful, and a little cute.

 He was so excited, he was dancing!
 He fed whatever these are. Peacocks? Chickens?
 They had a reindeer! It was so cool!!! I mean, just very cool.

 The cows were my favorite. I just think they're so cute! I also feel like i relate with them the best. I feel like a cow is my spiritual animal, you know.

They had a pumpkin patch where you could pick pumpkins for $2! 
It was such a blast! Definitely hope to go back once the season starts up again.

I hope to blog more regularly again. I feel like I need the outlet. I just think my brain is a little fried from these crazy last few months. Jed is getting older and he does not stop talking. It is both cute and exhausting. He's getting to the age where he repeats everything you say. Yikes! Hope to share more soon, maybe in a vlog. Just trying to get back in the swing of things around here.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far!

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