and a happy new year

can you believe this is the last day of 2015? where does the time go (sigh)? We didn't take very many Christmas morning pictures this year, we tried to not have our phones out as much and just wanted to enjoy our time as a family. but I have been wanting to share our Christmas card photos, and was trying to wait until our family finally got the card, but since that apparently still hasn't happened (thank you US post office and procrastination), I'm going to share anyways.
 we took these out by the general homes, which are all kinds of amazing. sign me up for 6 bedroom, two garage home, by the woods! not really. those guys put in all kinds of hard work and time to earn all that.
this has been a really crazy year (which hasn't). moving to new york from california was a lot harder than we though. and although we have made some really great friends here, we still miss our friends back home. but it has been really awesome having RJ with us again! Jed has been growing way too fast, my heart just can't take it. sometimes RJ and I look at each other and just cant believe he's our kid (you know, when we're not pulling our hair out). i have my first gray hair! I'm not sure who to blame, RJ or Jed.
one of the main things to change this year is to be more organized. now that we have a schedule and a home of our own, that is a reasonable possibility. I'm starting with a schedule, one that includes less distractions, and more time for the Bible and for family. this means less time for tv and phone, and all the other distractions. another thing that I'm becoming more serious about is the gym. i hope to go at least 3x a week this year. i have been working on that and have managed to go everyday in the past few weeks. 
this next one is pretty big for me and a little depressing. i'm cutting out SUGAR next year. not all sugar completely, but candy (chocolate), baked sugar, and most things with added sugar. i have developed a really bad habit of having sugar every single day! it has really gotten away from me and I'm done with it. it might seem drastic but its happening! i have made the exception of family birthdays. i have to get away from the idea that sugar is something i need. its something that taste good but isn't good for me and i will most definitely be happier without it. 

this has been a good year. we learned so much and we have grown so much. there are a lot of things that i hope will change in this upcoming year. my main goal for the new year is to work on my self control. i want to make the very best of my time and be present in the moment. teaching our kids good habits (or bad) really begins with us. i want Jed to know its important to be healthy, but also to not be obsessed with it. it can be a hard balance but we are figurine it out. i have a feeling that this new year is going to be the best one yet :)

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