Makeup Science: How to pick a face wash

I wanted to share with you how to pick a face wash! I am begging this new "beauty" series. i wanted to tackle the beauty basics, starting with face wash. So after much research, I have found the best way to face wash!

1. Know your skin type.

There are a lot of test out there to figure out your skin type. You can take actual test online, but the easiest thing to do is to wash your face and wait to see what your skin does. The types of skin you can have are....

"Normal" skin: Because what is "normal", right! Basically its neither of the ones below. Its nice even skin with no dryness, oil, or irritation. If this is you, get down on your knees and thank God.

Dry Skin: This is I! ha. Basically it is exactly what it sounds like. You can even have flaky skin, which I have (sigh). Usually you have small pores.

Oily skin: Also what it sounds like. You can have different degrees  of oil. Usually you have a hard time with shine. Most likely also large pores.

Combination Skin: This is both oily and dry. Usually oily on your T-zone and dry everywhere else.

Sensitive Skin: Your face reacts to products easily. It can get red, itchy, tight, or even a rash can break out.

Skin with Acne: Usually this goes along with oily skin (will explain why). Can happen to all ages, not just young people.

Once you know your skin type it will be a lot easier to shop for your face wash. Make sure you know this first in order to pick the best product. You can have a more than one skin type. Don't feel restrained to these specific ones.

"Normal" skin: Back to you, you lucky dog! You have your pick of the litter. I recommend picking something natural with no chemicals.

Dry Skin: Pick something that has essential oils, hydrating ingredients such as cocoa butter or hydrating (good) oils. Pick something with low alcohol or no alcohol, because alcohol dries out your skin.

Oily skin: You want something light, that won't clog your pores!! It usually says non-comedogenic or won't clog pores. You don't want it to have oil either.

Combination Skin: This one is harder to shop for because you have two skin types. You want something that won't clog pores or dry out your skin. Stay away from oil or alcohol. Shop something gentle, natural, and specific to combination skin.

Sensitive Skin: Something that is gentle is best for this skin type. Make sure to get something that is fragrance free! Fragrance can mean a lot of different things so be careful with it (more below).

Skin with Acne: Acne skin is also tough to shop for. Usually you can apply all of the things you would to oily skin. A lot of the time acne is genetic and needs to be professionally treated by a dermatologist. 

2. Avoid harsh chemicals
There are a few (a lot) of chemicals to avoid when it comes to putting stuff on your face! Below is a list of the main ones to avoid when picking a face wash. All I do is write them down and take my list with me when I go shopping. Feel free to google these to know exactly what they are.

Parabens, Synthetic colors, Fragrance, Phthalates, Triclosan, Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), Formaldehyde, Toluene, oils, petroleum 

3. Be gentle
Be gentle when washing your face. Don't wash your face with hot water, it is a myth that hot water opens up your pores. Instead wash your face with lukewarm water. Don't scrub too much, it can really damage your skin. This is something that I definitely do.

4. Exfoliate
Exfoliating is a good thing! Make that you are exfoliating, not everyday, but maybe once a week or so. Try and be gentle when exfoliating ^^^

5.Try natural
My favorite natural face wash, which is also an exfoliator is lemon and sugar scrub. It is awesome and there are so many reasons why. I did a tutorial here but you can find them all over online. I also know that charcoal mask are pretty in right now. I have yet to try them but I hear good things.

6. Avoid Websites 
By that I mean avoid finding a face wash or any other beauty product for that matter on a major website. Websites are usually payed to promote a product and aren't necessarily giving you their honest opinion. So be careful when taking any advice on specific products. You can also try samples at places like Sephora on just about anything. Just ask the front desk.

That's it! Happy Washing :) Hope you enjoyed my tips, next we will be discussing face cream!

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