The joys of pregnancy

That picture was taken when I was pregnant with Jed, 3+ years ago. Back when I was naive and excited and thought that pregnancy was beautiful and magical and everything like the magazines. Boy was I wrong! Being pregnant with Jed was constant vomiting, I think my record was about 8x in one day. I would vomit in the morning, at the smell of things, on car rides, because I sneezed! It was awful. Then when I was pregnant with Ben it wasn't that bad. It was actually pretty mild. I threw up about once a day, but that was it. So I forgot all about how awful being pregnant was and was actually super excited that it wouldn't happen this pregnancy. Ha!

This time around is almost as bad as with Jed. Today I threw up just as RJ was getting home. He asked me if I was ok, and I told him I needed to go upstair because I peed a little as I was throwing up. Yup! So if one more person tells me just how wonderful being pregnant is I might just step on their toes. Pregnancy is a blessing, Its wonderful, It's joyful, but it does in fact stink. It's like being on that ride at the fair where you lay down and its spins really fast. It gives you both a headache and makes you want to vomit, and sometimes pee a little. Oh, and you get fat.

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Rachel Perez said...

Eek! I'm scared now :p hope you feel better!

Yadi said...

hahaha I love this, you sure know how to make me laugh! I come back to your blog at least once a day so I can laugh a bit ;) Love you and Praying for you?

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