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Holy home decor! Spring welcomes you! Even though it never seems like spring is going to happen in NY, it's happening in this house. I am in full spring clean/decorate mode. Maybe it's the baby coming or the fact that we are hitting our one year mark (how has it been a year?!) but I have been trying to get this place looking somewhat decent lately. It is so hard to try and decorate on a budget. Why does everything cost so much money?! I joked that I wanted a dresser to fall out of the sky, to which RJ responded, "but it will be broken". Haha, it gave me a good laugh. So for now I have been trying my very hardest to only spend money on the essentials and try and figure out the rest on a budget. Bud-get, I've never gotten along with that word. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite pinterest decor inspiration. So here it is....


I like white walls, bright spaces, and pops of color. I want something thats cute but also inviting enough so that people feel comfortable. I also don't want to care about anything in our house getting ruined. It's a whole list of criteria which is one of the main reasons I take so long to decorate a room, and I am never finished or happy with it, which I have learned to accept.

The attention span is short with this one. I decorate several rooms at a time and I am constantly changing things. Which is another reason why I don't like to spend so much money on decor. I hope to finish some big projects in the next month and show you some of our rooms. Until then, I will pin a hundred different pictures and change my mind a whole lot.

Happy Spring!

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