Why I don't blog that often....

Well because quite frankly my life is not that interesting. I wake up, throw up, make breakfast, run after a toddler, throw up some more, clean, play with a toddler, watch Mickey Mouse, pray that he takes a nap so I can read or catch up on chores (mostly watch TV and nap). I would say that my life is not that interesting because It's winter and we literally do the same 10 things, but I think I'm pretty boring all year long. So, sorry family but I don't think you want the same update every 2 days. However, if you're interested in my shenanigans, as my husband calls them, I am writing a book and starting a garden. Both of which may or may not fail, but at least I gave it the good old college try. So this month I am an expert on all things vegetable gardening and I am really feeling it, the only obstacle I foresee is bugs, because hello, they're disgusting!

I am also trying to decorate our house with a very small budget and a baby on the way, which my husband is finding to be a ton of fun (not really). But I get such a sense of accomplishment from making a $200 tee pee for $30, and yes maybe its not glued all around, and maybe it can easily tip over, but its standing and that's something! I must have some sort of record for being the cheapest decorator of all time. But I have managed to stop picking random things from the trash. It just takes everything in me to not bring a perfectly decent wicker chair inside the house to make it art. So that is a step in the right direction. Although, I really think he should be thanking me for not spending our savings on dumb things like furniture. So I'm off to write a novel, start a garden, decorate our house. Peace!

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Yadi said...

Haha when I got the email that you posted a blog I literally said "yay finally a blog" and then I read the title and start laughing, thanks for the post though and on on a side note you seem pretty interesting to me, not boring ;)

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