Jed Says

Jed is about 3 months from turning three, and my heart just can't take how old he seems now. He's like three going on thirteen! Not only has he developed this new found attitude, he has also developed quite the charming personality.

He has been saying some of the funniest things lately. He also has a great memory which can be a good and bad thing, right moms? It's cute when he remembers his dinosaur names, not so cute when he remembers that ice cream he happened to see in the fridge.

We took him to his first movie last week and it was so much fun watching him enjoy seeing all the animals (it was The Jungle Book). Now he ask to see it everyday. I wanted to share some of the really funny things he's been saying lately because I just want to remember it all five years from now.

The other day we were sitting on the couch and he comes over and hugs me and says, "you're my best friend, mom." I mean!!! My heart can't take it.

He also said, "you're a princess, mom." Which I had no idea he knew what a princess was since he doesn't really watch princess shows, but it gave me a giggle.

Over the weekend he told me to "Chill out, mom!" Which I tried my hardest not to laugh at because I don't really want him to walk around saying that to anyone. But he learned it from RJ saying it to him. That memory!!

Today he said, "hey Babe!" Which I know he got from RJ, and I just about died. 

He will also ask us if I'm mommy or Daisy, and If RJ is daddy or RJ. We try and tell him that we're mom and dad, but sometimes he insist on calling us by our first and last name. 

He's at an age where he is a lot of fun, and a lot of crazy! So. Much. Energy! It's amazing. He's learned the difference between like and love, because he likes Mickey Mouse but he loves gummy bears. 

I'm loving this age but it can be exhausting at times. It makes me nervous to think about having two boys, specially somewhere where you're inside half the year! Thankfully summer is almost here, and we could not be more excited!!! 

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Yadi said...

😢 thank you for updating us on his growing time, it's incredible how time changes a lot especially on a child. Jed continues to bless us even 3,000 miles away. I continue to have you and Rj in prayers as he keeps growing and baby is on his was. Love you guys, 15 days left!!!

Mayra Romero said...

these are my favorite post! Jed and I are Kindred Spirits!

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