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I partnered with The Lovely Wall Company this month to share a little bit about them. Decals are by far one of my favorite ways to decorate because number one, you don't need to paint once you move (ahhhh!) and also because they look super cute. Seeing as how we do a lot of moving in the military, this is essential to us. My favorite part about these decals is that they're reusable! So we can take them with us when we move. Can it get any better? It was tough for me to choose which decals we wanted to start out with but I am so happy on my choice. 

 They also do wallpapers which I would love to try!  Above are a few examples of the wallpapers they have.
I was really torn between what I ended up choosing below and one of these maps, because maps!! I cant get enough of maps, and chalk maps!! 

I decided on this one to put right above the crib. Isn't it cute? I want to add some pictures around it. Putting up the decal was pretty easy. i did manage to mess it up by letting it fold on itself (face palm), I thought I had ruined it! I slowly took it apart and was super impressed that I was still able to use it. You can see I just taped it to the wall (on left) and rubbed the letters with a moist towel. I peeled it off slowly and ta-da! Really love how it looks over the crib.

The other decal was the alphabet one. Jed is in love! He helped me put it up (as you can see), but I didn't mind because it is so easy to move. It's surprisingly teaching him his letters. I would highly recommend this one if you have kids!

Overall I loved the decals, and I am a fan of The Lovely wall company! They made everything so simple, from shipping to putting it on the wall. Did I mention they're reusable!? Going to look for some more favorites!

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Mayra Romero said...

adorable!!! soo cute! That little red desk is so cute and charming!
The Decals are super cool! I might have to check them out! Julissa would like it too!

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