DIY Confetti Phone Case

I have been trying to figure out a way to make a fun phone cover thats not crazy expensive. Here it is! This entire thing cost me $5. Granted, I already had the confetti, but it still wouldn't be more than that to do this. All you need is a clear phone cover, the plastic it comes with, scissors, confetti (got mine here), and white card stock. 
1. Start by cutting the plastic and card stock to the size of your phone (make sure to cut a hole for the camera)
2. Put the plastic on the inside of your phone cover.
3. Fill with confetti
4. Put the card stock on top (You can glue the edges of the entire thing to keep confetti from falling, but I have found that once you put the phone in, its too tight to fall out).
5. That's it! It's super simple and super cute. You can fill it with whatever type of confetti you want.
I'm really loving this confetti right now, but I might change it up. Isn't it cute?! Going to see what other phone covers I can make for summer.
Happy Confetti! Let me know if you guys decide to try it!

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