Happy Mothers Day to every type of Mom!

Happy Mother's Day to every really awesome mom out there. I have had the blessing of being affected by all kinds of remarkable women in my life. Women who have loved and served others, and who are exemplary examples of not just moms but of beautiful women. Although they are not all included in these pictures (I cant seem to find pictures of everyone), they have all effected our lives in some way. So heres to you....

To the New mom who has toddlers and babies and are trying their very hardest to not loose their mind (raises hand). Sometimes the work goes unnoticed and the days are loooong, and 5 o clock never seems to come. To the sleepless nights, and early mornings, and finding cereal EVERYWHERE! To watching Toy Story 17x and making endless art projects that your child seems to not care about. Isn't it all worth it?! Even when you want to pull your hair out and move to Mexico, don't you just love it?! It's an insanely remarkable feeling to love someone that much and to watch them grow and learn.

To the Single mom, who was my mom. Who sacrifices so much so that you're kids don't have to be without. You're a remarkable warrior who is playing two roles and is rocking it. To the pillar of your family, the provider, the sustainer. You might not be able to go to every school play or awards ceremony, but your hard work does not go unnoticed. The selflessness that you show will not be forgotten. For being the example of dying to self, you are amazing!

To grandma! Who has done it all and lived to tell the tale. Your wisdom is unending and your love is unmatched. The support and love you provide is what sometimes keeps us going when we're feeling defeated. Just knowing that you're in our corner makes all the difference. We need your advice, love, and affection. You play a critical role in raising our kids. What would we do without you!

To the Spiritual Moms. You make all the difference! You might not have kids of your own, but you are a spiritual mom. You are the encourager, the supporter, the thoughtful voice that tells us what we need to hear. To some you're a mom, an aunt, a friend. This day is for you too! Because your love and wisdom is needed. For helping us think outside our "mom bubble" and giving us advice and wisdom that only you can bring. It's not just the mom and grandmas, but the godly women who have guided us through our walk who we will tell our kids about.

To the Soon to be Mom. The most important thing I have learned, in the almost three short years of being a mom, is to take wisdom from all women. I know theres books, and blogs, and Dr.s that have loads of things to say about raising a child, but there is nothing like life experience! There is nothing like hearing the wisdom of the women who have come before us. Take it all in. Sometimes it will be bad advice, and sometimes it's gold, but everyone has some wisdom to offer. You can learn something from everyone.

There have been so many amazing women in my life. I have learned a lot about being a mother from them, but also about just loving people. We all come from different circumstances, and God has a funny way of changing what we think our lives will be. Thank you to every type of mom who has made the biggest impact in our lives. Your worth is immeasurable but certainly not unnoticed. I thank God for every single one of you.

Happy Mothers Day!

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Happy mother's day to you, carina!

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