Fathers Day!

Fathers Day was something I really dreaded growing up. It was often a painful reminder that my dad had died. As I got older, and realized how many of my friends shared a similar dislike for fathers day, it wasn't so bad. I would just block out the day all together. It wasn't until I met RJ that I began celebrating fathers day again. Since his dad was such a huge important part of his life, and an awesome dad, I wanted to celebrate him too. He eventually became like a father to me and I really looked forward to fathers day again. Now we get to celebrate it on a whole other level!

Watching RJ become a dad is just one of the absolute best things in life. I still remember the conversations we would  have as kids (teens) about how we pictured our family. Now to watch him live out things we dreamed about 10 years ago is pretty awesome. I will start out by stating the obvious, and saying he's not a perfect dad! Sometimes he's on his phone or watching a game or so ridiculously tired that he falls asleep mid sentence, but he is an exceptional dad. He doesn't take a million pictures, or post how awesome his family is on social media, he won't come home with flowers or chocolates, or do any of that over the top stuff that I really thought I wanted. He is exceptional in other ways. He wakes up early on weekends and takes Jed so that I can sleep in (even though he wakes up earlier than me EVERY DAY). If you're a sleep deprived parent, you know how incredibly selfless that is. He comes home and he sits with Jed, plays with him, gives him a bath, puts him to bed. He encourages me to go out with friends, because he actually enjoys spending time with Jed (what a concept!).

The biggest reason being that he's my partner! I don't ever feel like I'm raising Jed alone. He's involved, he's interested, he pays attention. He chooses to do all of those things. I am so grateful! I am grateful that in a world where it is exceptional to be a good dad, RJ makes it seem normal. I think that great fathers should be celebrated because they are so rare! I'm thankful for my husbands patience, kindness, and spirit. He teaches me everyday how to be a better parent. I'm also thankful for my father in law who was that example for him. I'm thankful for every father who works hard and loves their kids. Most of all I am thankful that we have the ultimate example in our heavenly Father. God was gracious in giving me RJ. So I will take every opportunity I can to celebrate him!

 Happy Fathers Day , Sweetums!

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mayrae said...

Beautiful Daisy! Hope RJ gets to read this, and please wish him a Happy Father's Day for me.

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