The Farm with Ava!

I wrote a post a while back about the first time we visited the farm, here. Now we're back! This time we went with some friends who were visiting who also have kids, one of which is Ava. She is about Jeds age and a whole lot of fun. It was a different experience this time around because they are older and understand a little more.

Here they are feeding the goats! Jed was fearless when it came to feeding or touching all of the animals. RJ thinks he will grow up to be a farmer.

He insisted on petting every animal! It was kind of cute, but by the 14th goat I was tired of them.
We did a dairy tour where they showed you the "modern" way of milking cows. It was both fascinating and  a little sad. Machines do everything for us now, It's kind of crazy.
These huge pigs kind of freak me out. I always think of the criminal minds episode where the guy uses pigs to dispose of the bodies. Too much? I thought so.

I didn't get a lot of pictures because it was fun to just watch them enjoy the animals. Its a whole different game with three kids. It was fun asking them what their favorite part was, and them actually remembering the animals. We hope to go back again, and we hope to be able to visit some farms from our friends at church. We want him to be very familiar with animals. He might be a farmer, after all. 

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