Country Living

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 11.04.33 PMWe moved to the country! I guess we have been living in the country for a year now, but now we actually live in a country house. Where our neighbors are farmers, and have horses, and are like miles apart. All I can say is that I am most definitely from LA! This kind of living is different. The first night here I almost had a panic attack because of the bugs, they are everywhere. They're also very noisy. I have always said that I wanted to live in the country and I finally got my wish. It will take some adjusting, and I'm not sure that I will like it more than LA, but I think it will grow on me, we will see.   I have to say that when I first heard well water I was really confused. What do you mean our water comes from a well? Why does it smell like farts? Can I drink it? Will I run out? How will I know if I'm almost out? These are all the questions I had (some of which have yet to be answered). The lady on the phone also laughed at me when I asked about the gas. You mean gas doesn't magically come to your house? You have to have someone refill your oil for heat?! I'm not sure that you can understand my dumbfoundedness unless you've lived in a city your entire life. These are things we took for granted in LA. Water, gas, electricity, all just showed up all the time, and if they didn't someone was going to get in trouble or sued (yup). I was really excited today when it rained because I said our well is filling up (haha). I can see the importance of rain now!! It's kind of amazing how many things we take for granted. This past week has seriously been such a learning experience, and I have a feeling It's only the beginning. We will see where this new chapter takes us, and for how long. I'm sure I will have many other seemingly dumb discoveries, specially if my husband agrees to chickens!

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