Two Weeks

Its been almost two weeks since we welcomed Lucas into our lives. It has been a very crazy two weeks, we are really tired, but really grateful to have him. Life with a toddler and a newborn is exhausting, but so much fun. I mean I'm walking around with milk stains, messy hair, and sweats! I forgot how much work it is to have a newborn. And we've talked about HAVING MORE!! Are we insane or what!?

 It's amazing how your heart opens up to love a whole other person. How can you love someone you just met so much? How can I already have hopes and dreams for this little guy? Motherhood is such an amazing thing, and a new baby just grows your love more than you thought was possible. You're responsible for a human! And as much as I want to take credit for making him, I know that God made him perfectly for us. We are the very best parents for Luke and he is the very best for our family. Can't wait to see him grow up and play with his brother, who is already (surprisingly) so in love. It could have really gone either way, and the first night we thought it was going the other way, but we're so grateful that Jed seems to really like his brother. He kisses him and hugs him everyday, and he tries to help in any way he can. He is just the sweetest! And even though sometimes I feel like Cinderella (before the castle), it is totally worth it!

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