Life with a newborn and Toddler

Life has been like a crazy tornado around here. I hate to admit that life was kind of a breeze with just Jed. He drove me a little crazy at times but I was able to give him individual attention and we were still able to go out with him fairly easily. Having two kids seems to change everything. It's like theres not one free minute in the day. If I can manage to have them both take naps, which they are doing right now (hallelujah), I try to nap too.

 Jed has adjusted pretty well considering everything that has changed. New brother, new house, and visitors all in the same month!! He has had his, umm moments, but for the most part he's been pretty helpful. He also finds it necessary to kiss him and hug him everyday. It's pretty adorable! Nothing can prepare you for a newborn! I can only describe it as  someone throwing you in a foreign country and making you get a job. Is that a weird description? Ha. But thats how I imagine it. Even after Jed, I still feel like I don't exactly know what I'm doing. He's already so different from Jed, and our life situation is very different too. Being away from family is probably the most difficult thing this time around. Even if just for the moral support, you miss that. I'm even starting to miss my mom telling me that he's always cold and needs socks.

 It seems like life is speeding by with two kids. How is he a month already!? It feels like we just brought him home the other day. I'm looking forward to seeing how different he is than Jed, and to them playing together, that day cant come soon enough for Jed! He loves having a brother. As you can see by the pictures above^^ Funny story, those pictures were so hard to take. Jed was being a complete butt head during the whole thing. A toddler with attitude is exactly like being pecked to death by chickens (whoever thought of that is wise beyond their years)! RJ says he's 3 going on 13 year old girl (hahaha). So I will forever laugh at these picture because they just don't tell the whole story, but pictures never do ;)

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