This quote has really resonated with me lately. I am to a fault a creature of habit. I can eat the same thing everyday and have the same routine every week and I love it. Habit is sort of a safety blanket for me. When I don't have it, it really throws me off. However once Ive done something enough times, It's hard for me to break from that. I found that specially true at our old house. I had a schedule (not a good one) and I had a hard time breaking it. I want things to change so desperately but I haven't ever changed my habits, I just expect things to be different! Ive heard this quote in the past and I always thought of it for big desires, like money, or success of some sort. But what about small changes? Things like being in shape, being more organized, being a better mom, a more disciplined Christian. We all have "small" things we wish would change. Ive never been in what I consider great shape, but I've also never really done anything about that!

So what if I made tangible changes to get desired goals? I have come to understand that I make outlandish claims on a regular basis. Like when I said I would give up sugar for a year.... here we are in October and I think I actually managed to eat more sugar this year (the ice cream is good here, y'all). I am just not the type of person that can do big picture goals, they start to get too unreachable for me. I have  come to learn that I can do small achievable goals. So I'm doing a new series challenge, where I come up with new "challenges" every week (or couple of weeks) in order to change a habit. Have you heard it said that you can do anything for 1 minute, well I challenge you to do something for 1 week. I will have the first challenge tomorrow! I think with the right goal and the right support we can do it. Things that maybe seemed like they would never change. We don't always have to have drastic proclamations, sometimes its the small victories that make the biggest difference.

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