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july 4th

Is anyone else ready for  this election to be over? Watching last nights debate was rough. This whole election year has been rough, and can't wait for it to just be done.  So I keep asking myself where Christians are suppose to stand on this impossible choice. In good conscious I don't think I can vote for either of them. It's heartbreaking that these are the candidates, out of all the people in America, that we put forth. How did that happen?! The more I think about it, the more I am reminded that Christian does not equal republican, and that we have a heavenly citizenship, not an earthly one. I think its really easy (at least for me) to get caught up in everything that is going on in our country and the world. It's easy to loose hope, but I think we've missed the point completely.

 The enemy has done a good job of keeping us distracted. The winds are changing and we're coming to a place where saying you're a Christian will actually mean something. The other day RJ and I were talking about Jed going to college and I made a comment about not knowing what the world will look like when he's 18. It's a scary thought but I think It's a very real thought. RJ's uncle put it perfectly when he said, "persecution like we have never known before is coming to Christians in America regardless of the outcome of this election not simply because the current ideology in America is anti-Christian. I think this is the end of the road, here. My concern is that Christians have for too long squandered the freedoms that God originally granted to America and persecution, it appears, will separate the sheep from the goats."  There is coming a time where it won't be so easy to say you're a Christian in America. Heck! It's tough now. There are a lot of assumptions that come with that title. But I think we're getting close to real persecution here.

 Instead of worrying about who the next president will be, I think we should be incredibly intentional about taking every opportunity we have to tell people about Jesus. I can't help but feel convicted that I have spent my time concerning myself with earthly matters. That's not to say that we should keep our head in the sand. I think that we are responsible for making informed decisions to the best of our abilities. But when we concern ourselves so much with things going on here that we forget whats really important, then it becomes a problem. God is ultimately in control, wether we participate or stand idly by. We cant know the outcome of this election or any of the ones after that, but we do know whats going to happen, and we can prepare for the future. The bible tells us that persecution is inevitable, wether for us or our children or their children. So we can prepare for the future. We can be strong Christians and we can raise strong Christians that will face persecution with integrity. That can confidently say, like Daniel, and if not, He is still good.

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