2016 Gift Guide: When you don't know what to get

So I have rummaged the internet for the perfect gift for the family that you just don't know that well and I think I have come up with quite possibly the perfect gift guide. And if you don't think this is perfect, than you can just kick rocks because I pulled my hair out and my eye started to twitch trying to figure out just what to get our family. The online gift guides just didn't cut it because I am not about to spend $50 on a pottery barn serving platter or $5 on a mug. All the gifts seemed outrageously expensive or cheap, there seemed to be no middle ground. Who comes up with these gift guides?  I'm also not about the gift card life for the most part. I am a black Friday, cyber Monday, deal finding shopper. I like to get the absolute most for my money. So I can be like, yea that is normally a super expensive watch, but I got it on black Friday. Bam!

So here it is.... what to get your family.

Board Games:

Every year theres pretty awesome board games that come out. Last year it was pie in the face and this year It's Watch ya mouth! A board game is quite possibly my favorite gift to give and get. It's just so fun, and its something that you can use right away. I know we had a blast using pie in the face last year. This year I bought a couple of board games because I thought our family would love them. They're also a great gifts for people who have game nights a lot.

Funny Books

Who doesn't love a funny book? Theres really no way to go wrong with this. I have seen some pretty funny ones lately at Target and amazon. My favorites right now are the compilation of funny test answer books. RJ and I had a good laugh at Target reading through them. What's your poo also made RJ laugh just based on the title. He said we have to buy that for someone.

Foodie sets

For the people in your life who love to cook or just love food or you just don't know what to get but they have a kitchen. Here it is! I love little gifts that go together, and who doesn't need a good cook book? You can do a little cast iron with a recipe book, a book about salt with a salt sampler, or cookie stamps with a book about sugar cookies. I'm sure the combinations could go on (like a cake pan and bread book), but these are some of my favorites.

Little Gifts

I enjoy receiving little gifts, and I think they're fun to put together. These are some of my favorite go to, funny candles, shaped soap (you can even DIY), mittens, and  a mug for good measure.

Step Counter 

I share this because I kept rattling my brain on what to get my mom this year for Christmas, when it finally hit me! A step counter. I know that she would really like it and It's useful. I thought Target was having a crazy sale but Amazon is having an even better one. Theres a step counter for every technology level, so this would even be a great gift for your grandma who might not be as good at technology or even for someone who is!

So here is my 2016 gift guide! My general rule is I don't like to get someone something that I myself wouldn't want. So I hate giving lotion sets or perfume because I personally don't like that stuff, and I feel bad that someone is wasting their money on something I probably won't use. So I hope this keeps at least one persons eye from twitching. Since it took me so long to come up with it, I felt like I had to share it. I will also mention that some of our family used Elfster this year which was awesome, and super helpful!

Happy shopping, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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